While the Occupy movement has been receiving a lot of publicity lately the Ordinary People secretley wish the aims of protesters would be clearer so they can identify with them. In the end Ordinary People are the 99%, and here is a simple list of their aims:

  • Political representation without party favouritism
    Abolish the system of preferential voting which ensures major parties always dominate representative bodies at all levels. Establish electronic voting to enable efficient and fast referenda on important issues. Allow random representation at local government level.
  • Separation of corporations from government
    We ask that the system of political donations should be abolished so that there is a level-playing field for all those who want to represent their fellow citizens. We also ask for a ban on all government funded advertising to start after the government was in power for 48 months so that the ruling party is not able to create expensive media campaign just in time for elections funded by our taxes. It’s simple – money in politics PREVENTS Ordinary People from being represented, and gives all political power to the ruling elite. The campaign is lifted automatically once election result is declared, or an exception can be made by an independent body.
  • Equity in pay and conditions
    Ordinary People believe in fair pay for all – in this we are one with organisations such as unions that have been advocating for equality in pay for centuries. We demand that politicans enact rules and regulations preventing executive payouts to go beyond a multiple of 20. That would mean that in every organisation the maximum payment given to the best paid executive can only be 20 times of what the lowest paid worker gets for the same amount of hours of work. Politicians and public servants can only expect 20 times of average annual income in Australia.

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