Letter to Robert Doyle

Dear Mr Doyle,
you might be correct in saying that the protesters will be moved in a couple of days. However, the aim of the protest could be achieved MUCH EARLIER and protesters would happily move on. This is how it can be done:
The main objective of the Occupy movement is to raise awareness that the greed of the elite has gone too far. The top 1% of the society reaps far too many benefits. That includes yourself, as a Lord Mayor of Melbourne you certainly are in the top 1%, and let’s not kid ourselves you are not going to drop down anytime soon. I’m happy with that, as long as you can acknowledge the problem of inequality, lack of accountability, transparency and the growing gap between the rewards given to top executives in public and private sector. You should perhaps make a statement that would demonstrate your commitment to some kind of process that would fix these problems. Please make sure that your PR machinery is in top gear when you do so, and once the rest of Melbourne is aware of your stand the Occupy Melbourne protest will cheerfully move on !
This would no doubt be a brave decision on your behalf, one that will see you emroidered in bright colours in the anals of history, unlike many of your predecessors that have died rich but without the unreserved gratitude of Ordinary People of Australia.

With best regards,
Lubosh Hanuska
on behalf of the Ordinary People of Australia


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